Projects Eligible for the California State Science Fair

Each year, the OCSEF sends a number of projects to the California State Science Fair (CSSF).  This year, the CSSF will accept 81 projects from the OCSEF.  Based upon their performance (place), the OCSEF chooses the first, most or all of the second, and occasionally a few third place project (chosen randomly from the Senior Division) to qualify for the CSSF.  The following projects (indicated by the student's and partner's names involved in the project) are qualified to compete at the CSSF.  We encourage you to apply to the CSSF before the deadline.


Stuti Agrawal and Anshika Agrawal

Kira Anderson

Nadia Ansari

Advait Arumugam

Madye Arundale

Lakshman Athappan

William Bennett

Anne Berg and Sabrina Asefi

Natalie Bui

Kellie Cao

Maggie Chang

Aurnov Chattopadhyay

Alexis Chirco and Olivia Kim

Jennifer Choi

Jennifer Cresap

Kristin Dea

Samantha Delio

Rishi Desai

Leslie Diamant

Catherine Diyakonov

Sara Du

Ryan Ebrahimy

Caleb Laures Empig

Jad Farhat

Daniel Feng

Daniel Fishman

Grant Gallagher

Anita Garg

Espen Garner

Heather Anne George

Melina Ghodsi

Spencer Green

Danny Han

Alicia Hans

Alexandra Harakas

Mani Homafar

Emily Hsi

Sophia Hussman

Sean Jansky

Kim Johnson

Jacob Kisow

Morgan Kopecky

Juwon Lee

Jamie Lin

Kayden Lincoln

Patrick Liu

Kyle Lowery

Samantha Mah-Gersting and Mandy Chan

Kael Mai

Andrei Mandelshtam

Laurel Manion

Christina Miles and Haley Spranger

Pranav Moudgalya

Karishma Muthukumar

Kalyan Nath

Anish Neervannan

Jennifer Pan

Hannah Park and Elizabeth Chang

Jian Park

Nitya Parthasarathy

Tejal Patel

Rylen Patel

Atharva Patil

Cole Rabano

Rayhan Razzak

Micaela Roth

Hunter Ruebsamen

Chamidu Sagara

Justine Sato

Shalin Shah

Bradley Shannon

LeAnn Tai

Alyssa Tang

Vivian Tien

Evelyn Tran

Suryaprakash Vengadesan

Ian Weiss

Michael Wu

Michelle Xu

Emily Yu

Chunyi Zhou


In addition to qualified projects, the OCSEF selects a small number of additional projects as alternates (usually chosen from the third place award winners).  In the event a qualified project is not able to attend the CSSF or misses the deadline, an alternate project will be selected.  The following projects have been selected as alternates to the CSSF.


Sydney Adcook and Lydia Ignatova

Amethyst Audon

Jannah Azar

Juliette Walsh