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OCSEF joined with many elementary and middle school students who were willing to share their OCSEF research with the public in a collaborative project to create KnowledgeShare. After 4 weeks of working with their respective OC Science Board member mentors, they each created a digital version of their science fair boards. To receive a downloadable PDF, click the digital boards of each project. 



Aamina Thasneem: Investigating Harmful Artificial Food Coloring in Candies Using Agarose Gel Electrophoresis 

Allison Yue: Hard Water? Soft Water?

Ankita Ahluwalia: Effect of Temperature on Solubility of Table Sugar and Table Salt

Cathy Ellsworth: Copper Uptake in Moss

Erin Jeon: Ocean Blues

Ethan Hung: Reducing Global Warming Through Chemosynthesis

Geoffrey Gaites II: Break the Tension

Harsha Thangavijayan: Can Light Control Heart Rate?

Jacob Gibbs: The Most Superior Way to Conserve Water When Growing Grass

Jennifer Cresap: Planaria: The Race to Regenerate

Jiwon Chae: The Effect of Varying Pitch on Voltage Generated by Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Joshua Sohn: The Effect of Fencing on the Knee

Melina Ghodsi: The Secrets to a Cleaner Toothbrush

Pranav Moudgalya: Extraordinary Elodea: A Look into the World of Pollution

Sabreen Alam: Natural Foods: Better to Fight Angiogenesis Than Cancer Drugs?