Intel ISEF Semifinalists Announced

Thirty-nine high school students have been invited to participate in the 2015 Intel ISEF Qualifying competition. This year's competition is hosted by OCSEF and the University of California, Irvine, and is the qualifying competition for the Intel ISEF, the world's largest international pre-college science competition. OCSEF affiliates with the ISEF to provide more opportunities and greater challenges for high school students in STEM fields.


The Intel ISEF Qualifying competition will be held on Saturday, March 21st, 2015. Click here to find the instructions for the competition. Below is a list of all 39 semifinalists.


Student Name Project Title Grade Teacher School Group
Albert Tung Developing a Virus-Infused Polymer Composite Films for Impedance Based Sensing of Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen 12 David Knight University High School No
Hope Lee A novel method to remove heavy metals from aqueous environments with immobilized ionic liquid, trihexyl (tetradecyl) phosphonium bis (2,4,4-trimethylpentyl) phosphinate (cyphos il 104) 11 Mike Atrim Woodbridge High School No
 Michael Wu  A Systemic Spectra Analysis of Organic Aerosols after Ozonolysis and Their Effects on Climate Kevin Kasper  University High School  No 
Anna de la Rosa  Red Hot Fungi Fighters: Effect of Capsaicin Extracted from Kashmiri Chili Peppers on Growth of Aspergillus Flavus   9 Franklin Parmar  Cornelia Connelly High School  No 
Keoni Gandall  Colicins: a self selecting alternative to antibiotics   10 Marcos Cabrera  Edison High School   No
 Varun Mandi Novel HIV and Tuberculosis Combination Therapy: Proliposomal Formulation of the Antiretroviral Efavirenz with Antioxidant Glutathione, for Immunocompromised and TB-Infected Individuals  11   James Kirkpatrick  Troy High School No 
 Leigh Polson The effects of antioxidants on D. magna while under oxidative stress conditions   9 Paul Hunt  Villa Park High School  No 
Aileen Wang   A Novel Cancer Diagnosis Framework Using Optimal Point Region Growing Segmentation and Pseudo-Zernike Moments  12 Robert Jansen  Aliso Niguel High School  No 
 Jennifer McCleary Correlating the Bandgaps of Earth-Abundant Metal Oxides to Photocurrent Generation for Water Splitting Applications  12  Michael Tran  Arnold O. Beckman High School  No 
 Yelena Mandelshtam  Arrangements of Minors in the Totally Positive Grassmannian and Sturmfels' Triangulation 12  Shannon Bunch  University High School  No 
Heejin Koo  The Effect of Glyphosate Concentrate on Carbon Dioxide Emission and Hyphal Growth of Fungus  11  Mike Antrim  Woodbridge High School   No
Michelle Xu  Tree Biomass Estimation By Fuzzy Set Theory in Allometric Studies   9 Sanam Shekarchi  Arnold O. Beckman High School  No 
 Emily Condon Moral Judgement and the Principle of Double Effect  10  Paul Hunt  Villa Park High School  No 
 Nilay Mehta Using Electromyographic Technology and Voice Control to create a Cost-Effective Prosthetic Arm  11  Joan Elliott  Irvine High School  No 
 Charles Noyes Fast Anti-Malware Through Distributed Blockchain Consensus and Feedfoward Scanning Using Cache-Resident Bloom-Bloomier Filters   10 Judith Fusco  Villa Park High School  No 
 Adithi Iyer The Role Model Effect: Reversing Cancerous Leukocyte Growth By Means of Macrophage-Facilitated Apoptosis Induction in Leukemic Blood Cells   11  Mike Antrim Woodbridge High School  No 
 Steven Zhou Exploring the Learning Behavior of Pogonomyrmex barbatus Ants in Recognizing Familiar Surroundings in the Absence of Pheromonal Cues  11   Shannon Bunch University High School   Yes
Andrew Afyouni  The Role of the Dorsal Medial Hypothalamus in Exaggerated Cardiac Reflex Responses through Interleukin-1β  12  Shannon Bunch  University High School   No
Neda Izadyar  Adipose Stem Cell Differentiation to Chondrocytes When Exposed to Various Conditions  10  Mike Antrim  Woodbridge High School  No 
Ruoxi Michelle Chen  Mathematical Models of the Growth of Stem Cell Driven Cell Clusters   11 Drew Ishii  Sage Hill School  No 
 Elise Rio  The Effect of Environmental Factors on Brain Coral Fluorescence 11  Shannon Bunch   University High School No 
Daniel Sun  Contact Line Deformation Between the Water-Polymer Interface and its Impact on Contact Angle Hysteresis  11  Mike Antrim  Woodbridge High School  No 
Jennifer Pan   Computational Evaluation of Genetic Mutations Related to Cystic Fibrosis Sanam Shekarchi  Arnold O. Beckman High School  No 
 Elizabeth Salmond Livin' The Hydra Life: Hydra Regeneration as Affected by Different Chemical Compounds  10  Paul Hunt   Villa Park High School No 
 Thomas Chen  Effects of Motor Oscillation on Power-Line Network Transmission and Stability 12  Sachiko Galassetti  University High School  No 
 Nitya Mehrotra-Venkat The Effect of Herbal Remedies on Alleviating Hyperglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes  Joseph Huber  University High School  No 
 Julia Bjornstad Don't Touch that Receipt!  10  Paul Hunt  Villa Park High School   No
Justin Wang   FLIM Analysis of Metabolic Shifts in HeLa Cells as Markers for Changes in Transcriptional Activity in the Presence of Caffeine  10 Joan Elliot   Irvine High School  No
 Erica Zhong Novel gene mutations involved in resistance to deltamethrin in malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles Sinensis  11  Shannon Bunch  University High School  Yes 
 Quan Ho The Effect of Acid and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of the Starch on the Decomposition Rate of Bioplastic   10 Crystal Cooper  Woodbridge High School   Yes
Miribel Tran  Novel Quantitative Diagnostic Approach for Mental Illnesses: A Correlation of Emotion Discrimination and Audio Stimuli to Symptom Severity   12 Thomas Zook  Marina High School  No 
 Alexis Chirco Effects of VP/VA Copolymer on the Hydrophobicity of Foundation  Bruno Dworzak  Woodbridge High School  No 
Neal Sharma  A Novel Program to Model and Determine the Most Optimal Positioning of a Wi-Fi Router for Devices to Receive the Greatest Average Signal Strength  Kevin Kasper   University High School No 
 Anna Lou Using Technology to Enhance Guided Student-Centered Learning in  Science   10 Daniel Cullinane  Oxford Academy  No 
 Daisy Chen Multimethod Analysis and Spatial Predictive Modeling of Bacterial Dynamics in Newport Bay Watershed  10  Michael Antrim  Woodbridge High School  Yes 
 Emily Elder Now You See It, Now You Don't: Inattentional Blindness   11 Judy Fusco  Villa Park High School   No
 Lauren Kim Developing a Dual Photocatalytic Air Purifier and Hydrogen Fuel Source through a Combination of Catalysts and Structural Engineering   11 Mike Antrim  Woodbridge High School  No 
 Sean Le Van  Contextually-aware intelligent assistant based on artificial intelligence to gather quantified-self data 10  Lisa Phillips   Other  No
Russell Lee  The Effects of Eyeglass Temple Width on Vertical and Lateral Peripheral Vision  10  Mike Antrim  Woodbridge High School  No