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Chapman University Awards Reception

Chapman University held a reception Tuesday, August 18th, 2015, at the Irvine Lecture Hall on the University campus to recognize the recipients of the inaugural Chapman Innovation Awards at the 2015 Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. The Chapman-OCSEF Innovation Award was given to 8 students from around the Orange County area. At this event, Chapman University unveiled an exhibit of the recipients' work, which would remain on display at Chapman University through the academic year. The award recipients worked in conjunction with the Chapman Ideation Lab to create visually creative displays of the students' work.


The Chapman Innovation Award is given annually by Schmid College leadership to recognize tremendous inquisitiveness among talented middle and high school students. The award was as much a recognition of the scientific process the students pursued as it was a recognition of the results of their projects. The award is also just as much about the “process” as it is the “results” — at various points, the judges in Schmid College were impressed by the students' ingenuity, scientific depth, interdisciplinarity, and dedication.


The recipients of the Chapman Innovation Awards are, in alphabetical order by last name, Ruoxi Michelle Chen, Shashvat Gupta, Hayato Kato, Daniel Kuai, Juwon Lee, Elise Rio, Winnie Wang, and Thomas Yoshizumi.


Images from the reception, including the displays of the various students, will be included below.


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