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OC Food Bank Continues Partnership with OCSEF!

OC Food Bank Transparent

OCSEF and OC Food Bank Partnership to Continue in 2016!
Last year, our ScienceCAN Initiative food drive led to the collection of over 1000 pounds of food for the Orange County Food Bank...showing us all one more way that science CAN help us all! The OC Food Bank works with over 400 local charities, kitchens, and community organizations to end hunger and malnutrition. The OC Food Bank provides USDA commodities, federal-fund purchased food, and donated food to non-profit agencies in Orange County that serve low-income families and individuals. Annually, the OC Food Bank is able to distribute nearly 20 million pounds of food.


This year, in addition to using canned food to prop project boards at OCSEF, we are encouraging schools to use their individual science fairs as food drives, and become part of the ScienceCAN Initiative. Simply replace the traditionally used water bottles taped onto the back of the board with a few cans of food secured with clear tape. Canned donations can be dropped off directly to the OC Food Bank (, or brought to OCSEF and dropped off in the bins that will be located throughout the venue. If you do decide to turn your science fair into a food drive, please let us know and we'll acknowledge your school's activism and generosity during the OCSEF Awards Ceremony.


At the OCSEF, this is how we've made giving as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Use canned food to prop up your science fair board, and secure with clear tape.
2. At project pick-up time, simply drop off the cans of food or sealed water bottles in one of the many OC Food Bank collection bins.
3. Ask family and friends to donate cans or water bottles to go directly in the OC Food Bank collection bins.

We'll take care of the rest!


Donate to the OC Food Bank in the third annual OCSEF Canned Food Drive!

For more information about the OC Food Bank, visit their website here!