Application Status

Please Note: While you should check this page regularly, processing applications is a significant undertaking. Please allow time for the OCSEF to update the list. Payments from paypal must be updated manually, so it may take 24-48 hours after paying with paypal before your payment status changes to received.

Key to Symbols

PaymentGreyWe have not received or processed your payment.
GreenPayment received.
AffidavitGreyWe have not received or processed your affidavit.
GreenAffidavit received.
RedThere is a problem with your affidavit, please resubmit.
CertificationsZCertification of Hazards Control
HCertification of Protection for Human Subject Research
VCertification of Humane Treatment of Live Vertebrate Animals
TCertification of Vertebrate Tisse Sample Source
RCertification for Regulated Research
GreyWe have not received or processed this certification.
GreenCertification approved or not needed for this project.
BlueCertification received and being reviewed.
RedThis certification is being required of your project.

Application Status for Students by School

Capistrano Valley High School
NameRegistration FeeAffidavitCertifications
Su KaraNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Fairmont Private School - North Tustin Campus
NameRegistration FeeAffidavitCertifications
Kabir AlkhairyNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Kabir AlkhairyNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
NameRegistration FeeAffidavitCertifications
darleen weiszNoNoNoNoNoNoNo